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What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Why bother?

What will change because of it?

  • A Neighbourhood Plan allows a community to decide how they want to shape the future development in their area.
  • Once it has been adopted, a Neighbourhood Plan will become one of the planning policies which all future planning applications will judged against.
  • It isn't just a "wish list", it will become a legal document - failure to meet the conditions within the Plan will be grounds to refuse a planning application.
  • The Crediton Neighbourhood Plan covers the area defined by the Town Boundary. Developments within the neighbouring parishes (Sandford, Crediton Hamlets, etc) are not covered by this Neighbourhood Plan.
  • As well as creating Planning Policies specifically for Crediton there will be various "Projects" which will come out of the process.
  • The Neighbourhood Plan is expected to be in place for about 20 years - it won't provide many quick fixes (although some projects may well be achieved quickly) but should help shape the strategic planning of Crediton.

Welcome to

Crediton Neighbourhood Plan

Please feel free to look around and ask any questions!

We recently presented our Vision and Objectives at the annual Town Meeting. This presentation is now on our Consultation page. We would like your feedback - have we got it right?

We have a Facebook page and a Twitter account which we try and keep as up to date as possible. The website carries news and updates but is also the main resource location for anyone with an interest in the Neighbourhood Plan. The "Links" page is new (compared to our old website) and provides links to other Neighbourhood Plans and our "Evidence" page links to the various documents we have commissioned or have referenced.


The Neighbourhood Plan is being lead by the Town Council but is being driven by the "Steering Group" which is made up of Town Councillors, Focus Group leaders, representatives of local organisations and various individuals with relevant skills or knowledge.


"make it work better" is our vision statement. As we get further into the process we may refine this but at the moment we feel this describes what we are trying to achieve with this Neighbourhood Plan.



What we have done so far:


We are about half of the way through the process.


Having decided to proceed with a Neighbourhood Plan in October 2013 it wasn't until July 2014 that the area boundary was formally accepted by MDDC.


In late 2014 we created formal Focus Groups to look into specific issues within the town.


In early 2015 we surveyed virtually every household in Crediton. We also surveyed school children of various ages in the 3 schools. High Street businesses and businesses on the Industrial Estate also had their own surveys.


We are working on presenting the results of these surveys and the conclusions we can draw from them.


We have now analysed our surveys and these reports can be seen on our "Evidence" page.


We have started drafting our policies and writing the background material that goes into the NP.

What we are doing or have to do:


We have a long way to go yet...and lots to do!


We are employing a consultant to help us to write the policies and the draft "Neighbourhood Plan".


This draft plan goes through various stages of being tested and scrutinised.


Eventually the Plan will go before an independent inspector and a referendum before being (hopefully) passed and "made".